There is no application process for P-EBT. Eligibility is solely based on the criteria below and the information must be provided by the school/school district.

To qualify for P-EBT students must attend a school that participates in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), be approved for free and reduced lunch via application or Direct Certification, and attend school virtually or on a hybrid schedule. Homeschool students or students enrolled in schools that do not participate in the NSLP are not eligible for P-EBT.

To check the status of P-EBT benefits please visit, https://benefitsportal.dss.sc.gov/#/pebt/benefitinquiry The student number needed for the DSS portal is the PowerSchool number for the student. It may be on the student's report card. If this number cannot be found, please reach out to the school/school district as SCDE cannot provide this number.

If there are questions regarding the days students were paid P-EBT benefits for, please reach out to the school or school district the student attends. SCDE paid students for all days they were coded as virtually present in PowerSchool. If the school or school district makes changes to the attendance in PowerSchool the days will be added to future P-EBT payments.

The first P-EBT payments for the 2020-21 school year will be issued in April-May 2021.